More About New Farm Location

Hey folks. I thought I'd give you a few more details about where the new farm will be located.  First, here's a google map showing the general vicinity of the farm. I don't even know EXACTLY (like down to the foot) where my plot will be, but I know it will be in this general area.


If you've never been down to this area of town--and to be totally honest I hadn't been to this location before I was offered a place in the new urban farm--the first thing you should know is this used to be the location of steel industry facilities.  I believe a few different steel companies had factories at this location.  Since the late 1990's all the steel factories were closed and eventually torn down.  If you drive down South Shore Drive south of about 79th street today, you'll see TONS of open space. 

If you follow 87th street as far east as you can go (before driving into the lake), you'll find a magical park called Steelworkers Park.  From what I understand it's a relatively new park and still being developed.  It's your typical lakeside park, with the walking path and view of the lake, but it also has these huge concrete walls which are relics from the steel factories that were once there.  The juxtaposition between nature (the lake) and industry was really moving to me.  Here are some photos.  I'm told you can see the big concrete walls from where the urban farm site will be.

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