Things are really popping at the farm these days.  We've finally gotten over the weed hump--as in we've moved beyond state of emergency to semi-typical weeds--and things are really starting to grow.  Here are some pictures of what's going on in the field. 

Beautiful Red Romain lettuce, too bad only like half a dozen plants survived the weeds. 

Mesclun mix- plus some grass... what are you gonna do?

a plum celosia, can't remember the exact name of it at the moment.  Its more lime green than yellow, despite the photo.  Its pretty cool. 

"Opopeo" amaranth- These plants are beautiful and some of them are over 6 feet tall.  They're just starting to bloom.  Woot!  This will definitely become a staple of my garden in the coming years. 

Sunflower with the row of Bachelor Buttons (blue things) and Amaranth (tall red thing) in the background.

These Indigo tomatoes are SO pretty!!!!!


Red cabbage working its thang


Another view of the Amaranth, Bachelor Buttons and Sunflowers.

Did I mention that I LOVE these sunflowers?  Sometimes people come up to me at the market and say "I only like yellow sunflowers"... I totally don't understand that.  


close up of the Bachelor Buttons

Indigo tomatoes on the vine

I think these may be my favorite Zinnia thus far

Or it might be these purple ones.... can't decide.. 

I love picking and arranging the flowers... Hope you guys enjoy them too. 

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