The Farm Is Moving To Elgin!

Hello everyone!  There is big news for 2013!  We have been given a wonderful opportunity to move the farm to a WHOLE ACRE sizes plot located in Elgin, Illinois.  This will roughly quadruple our growing space and is a great opportunity for us to grow more varieties of products than we ever could have on the 1/2 acre plot in Forest Park.  We are sad to leave Forest Park, but are very excited about this new opportunity!

The move to Elgin also brings lots of logistical challenges for our family, as the new farm is located roughly 40 miles from our house, which in good traffic is about half an hour drive but in bad traffic can take up to 2 hours one way.  Also, since we wont have a farmers market located next to the farm, like last year, we will have to transport our products to and from Elgin to the markets we'll be participating in.  This sounds easy--this is what most farmers do regularly--but for us its a big step and will require a lot of organization as well as investment into a new refrigerated trailer to pull behind the truck.

This year we will be participating in two farmers' markets:  Tuesdays from 2pm - 7pm in Columbus Park on Chicago's west side and Thursdays 7am - 1pm at the Hines Veterans Hospital Farmers Market in Hines, Illinois.  We are sorry to say that we will not be at the Forest Park Farmers Market this year because of scheduling and logistical challenges.  But both Hines and Columbus Park are just a couple miles from Forest Park so come out and see us!

We are offering a CSA program again this year (weekly boxes of veggies, herbs and flowers).  Click on the 2013 CSA tab for more info.  This year we're doing full shares, half shares, and flowers only shares!

So, that's the deal.. the news... the big changes!  We are so excited for this year and look forward to sharing this new adventure with all of you.