Updated: Something Is Eating My Sunflowers. Help!

Something is eating the petals off my sunflowers!  They totally destroyed the flowers just as they open, leaving them completely unsellable.  I took a bunch of pictures in the field and then looked through my big "Garden Insects of North America" to identify everyone. Here's what I found:

I didn't have to look this guy up; I already knew him.  Japanese Beettle, a common leaf muncher in the garden.

Next, there were TONS of these smaller beetle looking things, very mild shade of light green with black stripes moving from their head to their tail.  A look through my book identifies these guys as the dreaded Striped Cucumber Beetle.

A close-up of the Cucumber Beetle.

OMG now this guy simultaneously freaked me out and also intrigued me.  He didn't look like any of the other guys.  I only found one of this guy, so I'm hoping its not a huge infestation.  The book says he's a Ailanthus Webworm.  He's also a leaf muncher.

So, as far as what to do about these pests, yesterday I put out several beetle bags, so i'm hoping that will take care of the Japanese and Striped Cucumber beetles.  I"m about to go check the traps now so I'll post a picture of what I find later.

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