New Wheels

At the risk of becoming a cliché, I have taken yet another step toward becoming a full on hippie enviro geek person by purchasing a new "trike" (adult tricycle, but you will agree with me that "trike" sounds cooler) which I will use to transport myself and my supplies to and from the Mini Farm.  I've had the trike for about two weeks now and... I.  Love.  It.   Just as it has been hard for me to grasp the awesomeness of the Mini Farm--how it is sort of a dream come true for me--I am also finding it difficult to understand how I ever lived my life without this trike.  Even though I ride slow and sometimes take the sidewalks, when traffic is really heavy, its still way faster than walking everywhere.  I'm hoping in the future to strap some vegetable cartons onto the back and ride around ringing my bell selling fresh produce right off the bike (I'm not sure if this is even allowed in FP, but it sounds fun doesn't it?).  Anyway, if you see me trooling around on the trike a) be nice and don't run me over and b) say hi and I'll give you a ring ring of my bell (which of course has flowers on it, duh.) 

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